Thora Sa Aasman By Umera Ahmed

Thora Sa Aasman novel authored by Umera Ahmed is very interesting novel. It is the social romantic novel written by Umera Ahmed. In This novel basically the nature and tone of human being described. It is very famous novel written by Umera Ahmed as Peer-e-Kamil, Aks and Shah-r-Zaat. Thora Sa Aasman is the story of life, lust, nature, emotion, drama, tragedies, status and love. All the characters of this novel very beautifully scripted. Another very important thing which is expressed in the novel Thora Sa Aasman is we have to get the reward and result in this world whatever we done. It is the novel which describe that man want to get more and more and he wanted to touch the sky at his higher level and he want o touch the sky of his achievement and just forget that he should keep his feet on the ground. Thora Sa Aasman is the story of a mother, father, sister, friend and so many relationships. Wonderful story Thora Sa Aasman by Umera Ahmed.


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