O Re Piya By Nayab Jilani

O Re Piya a great novel written by Nayab Jilani. Story is very amazing and based on love, romance and spiritual. In O Re Piya writer very beautifully describe the touch and importance of spiritualism. It is the story of tow woman who took love aspects with the different ways. One look the love as sacrifice and dedication and other took it just as craze and she spoil her and surrounding people life. O Re Piya is a story of environmental hardships which as human beings we have to face. The main Characters of this novel are Hareem, Maheer, Zobaria, and Mubeen” Mobi”. Mubeen was a eunuch but he talk and behave like scholar because his spiritual skills were awesome. It is a great love story which makes the reader speechless by the magical words. You can read the novel O Re Piya here.


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