Namal Episode 20 by Nimra Ahmed

Namal is an ongoing novel written by Nimra Ahmed. It is a social romantic novel. Novel Namal is based on the family relations and all terms to which we have to deal with in daily life. ... Continue Reading

Namal Episode 14 By Nimra Ahmed

Namal is very interesting novel by Nimra Ahmed publishing in Khawateen Digest. Here is episode 14 of novel Namal. it is a social romantic novel. Main Characters of this novel are Zumar, ... Continue Reading

Aab-e-Hayyat Episode 11 By Umera Ahmed

Aab-e-Hayyat is an interesting ongoing novel written by Umera Ahmed publishing in monthly Khwateen digest. It is the second part of Peer-e-Kamil(S.A.W) written by Her. Aab-e-Hayyat ... Continue Reading

O Re Piya By Nayab Jilani

O Re Piya a great novel written by Nayab Jilani. Story is very amazing and based on love, romance and spiritual. In O Re Piya writer very beautifully describe the touch and importance ... Continue Reading

Thora Sa Aasman By Umera Ahmed

Thora Sa Aasman novel authored by Umera Ahmed is very interesting novel. It is the social romantic novel written by Umera Ahmed. In This novel basically the nature and tone of human ... Continue Reading

Libas By Umera Ahmed

Libas is a wonderful novel by Umera Ahmed. Libas is a story of a nun who sacrifice her life just for the family but at end no body remember her sacrifice. She don’t to be a Nun but ... Continue Reading

Wapsi By Umera Ahmed

Wapsi is an interesting novel by Umera Ahmed. Basically it is a telefilm. In novel Wapsi Umera Ahmed described three different situations of three different people but they were stick ... Continue Reading

Ghanti by Sheeren Haider

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Man-o-Salwa By Umera Ahmed

Man-o-Salwa is very great and interesting novel written by Umera Ahmed. The story is about love, romance, and relations, hate and tragedies of life. Man-o-Salwa is a complete package ... Continue Reading

Namal By Nimra Ahemd Episode 8

Namal is very interesting ongoing novel By Nimra Ahmed publishing in Khawateen Digest. Novel touches with emotions, relations and some of social facts on which our society is based. ... Continue Reading

Mohabbat Surkh Gulab Jesi by Shah Jahan Gul

Mohabbat Surkh Gulab Jesi by Shah Jahan Gul is very unique story of the trust and wait of a girl. It covered all how they met, they spend time and after that the wait of the girl for ... Continue Reading

Hasil by Umera Ahmed

Read Hasil by Umera Ahmed online in a very fine quality. Like other novels Hasil is another addition by Umera Ahmed and fill with many lessons.Click the link below to start reading  <<<<<<<<Hasil ... Continue Reading