Heer Waris Shah

Heer Waris Shah is the famous book/Kalam written by sayed Waris Shah. the beauty of that book is it is in the Punjabi and it describe the emotions and conditions of Heer and Ranjha ... Continue Reading

Shaina By Razia Butt

Sahina is very famous novel by Razia Butt. Shaina is the story of a girl who was very beautiful and lively. It is the very great love story of husband and wife. shaina is a romantic ... Continue Reading

Dil Ik Shehr-e-Junoon By Asia Mirza

Dil Ik Shehr-e-Junoon By Asia Mirza is a great novel. the writer Asia Mirza gives the scenario of some of the tribal system which they still needs change.  Dil Ik Shehr-e-Junoon is ... Continue Reading

Namal Episode 24 By Nimra Ahmed

Namal Is an interesting novel By Nimra Ahmed. Here is now episode 24 of novel Namal. In this novel Nimra Ahmed very beautifully describe the values and morals of Islam. Read Complete ... Continue Reading

Aab-e-Hayyat Episode 20 By Umera Ahmed

Aab-e-Hayyat is a great novel by Umera Ahmed. Now here it’s presenting the 20th episode online to read. Here you can read the full episode of Aab-e-Hayyat and the previous ones.Click ... Continue Reading

Namal Episode 23 By Nimra Ahmed

Namal is a social romantic novel written by Nimra Ahmed it is a great novel to read. Here is now publishing it’s episode 23 online. Read Online Namal here.Click here To Read ... Continue Reading

Dasht-e-Arzoo By Iqra Sagheer Ahmed

Dasht-e-Arzoo is an amazing novel written by the fabulous writer Iqra Sagheer Ahmed. The novel was published in the monthly digest name Aanchal.  Dasht-e-Arzoo is the story about love ... Continue Reading

Namal Episode 22 By Nimra Ahmed

Namal Episode 22 By Nimra Ahmed has published online to read. Faris Ghazi and Zumar playing very important role now. Read Complete episode 22 of Namal here.Click Here To Read Complete ... Continue Reading

Aab-e-Hayyat Epsidoe 19 By Umera Ahmed

Aab-e-Hayyat written by Umera Ahmed Presenting it’s 19th episode. This novel is the second part of Peer-e-Kamil. Aab-e-Hayyat is an interesting novel which involves very important ... Continue Reading

Namal Episode 21 by Nimra Ahmed

Namal is an amazing novel written by Nimra ahmed. Now here she presenting her 21st episode of novel Namal. it is the story about family relations and misunderstandings. Here you can ... Continue Reading

Aab-e-Hayyat Episode 18 by Umera Ahmed

Umera Ahmed’s latest novel Aab-e-Hayyat episode 18 is now uploaded to read online. Salaar and Umama are going through to very amazing part of their life. Here you can read the ... Continue Reading

Aik Rat Ki Baat By Nayab Jallani

Aik rat ki bat is a romantic story of a married couple. There sweet fights and love care for each other. they were a young married couple that is why they had some foolish concepts ... Continue Reading