Lagan By Bushra Rehman

Lagan is the great novel written by Bushra Rehman. It is the awesome story of husband and wife relationship. Lagan is actually love hate story. Bushra Rehman very amazingly describe ... Continue Reading

Ishq Ka Qaaf By Amjad Javed

Ishq Ka Qaaf is very interesting novel by Amjad Javed. It is the third part of of this novel. the all series are very famous. The best thing about the novel Ishq Ka Qaaf is that is ... Continue Reading

Namal Episode 17 by Nimra Ahmed

Namal is a great novel written by Nimra Ahmed. It is social romantic novel and lighten up the circumstances which some of times we face due to misunderstandings. The best thing about ... Continue Reading

Aab-e-Hayyat Epsiode 14 By Umera Ahmed

Aab-e-Hayyat is the famous ongoing novel publishing in monthly digest written by Umera Ahmed. Here the is the 14th episode of this novel. Very Interesting novel Aab-e-Hayyat is.It is ... Continue Reading

Tery Nam Ki Shohrat By Shazia Chaudhary

Tery Nam Ki Shohrat By Shazia Chaudhary is an amazing novel. It is a complete love story actually love hate story. Very amazing story full of love, care and emotion. The tragedy of ... Continue Reading

Chalo Zindagi Ko Mohabbat Bana Dain By Shazia Chaudhary

Chalo Zindagi Ko Mohabbat Bana Dain By Shazia Chaudhary is a great novel which was published in the monthly digest. It is very pure and silent love story of a married couple who fell ... Continue Reading

Dil Thehar Jany Ky Mosam By Shazia Chaudhary

Dil Thehar Jany Ky Mosam is an awesome love story by Shazia Chaudhary. It is the novel about a girl who was full of life and have perception that everyone can be changed with the power ... Continue Reading

Me Ne Sham Hari Hai By Shazia Chaudhary

Me Ne Sham Hari Hai By Shazia Chaudhary is an outsstanding novel. It is about the some of our social dark effects which make the families uncomfortable. The basic thing which is described ... Continue Reading

Shareek-e-Safar By Zuhra Mumtaz

Shareek-e-Safar is a unique novel by Zuhra Mumtaz. It is the novel about our social unbalances which a woman has to face after marraige. Writer very amazingly describe the situation ... Continue Reading

Aayn-e-Wafa By Farhat Ishtiaq

Aayn-e-Wafa is novel written by Farhat Ishtiaq. Farhat Ishtiaq is always famous for writing her magical scipts. Aayn-e-Wafa is the story written by Farhat ishtiaq. Aayn-e-Wafa is story ... Continue Reading

Abhi Kuch Din Lagen Ge By Farhat Ishtiaq

Abhi Kuch Din Lagen Ge is the silent love story of  couple. This novel is scripted by Farhat ishtiaq. Story is about the students who fall in love with each other this makes the novel ... Continue Reading

Junoon Tha K Justuju By farhat Ishtiaq

Junoon Tha K justuju is great novel written by Farhat ishtiaq. It is the story about relationship jealousy. Mian focus of this novel Junoon Tha K Justuju are two sisters one was very ... Continue Reading
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