Saat Ki Sout By Sania Hamid

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Aur Kia Ho Gaya By Rabia Hassain

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Emergency Hai By Aneesa Saleem

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Daryafat Ka Parinda By Sajida Parveen

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Hum Hain Pasbaan Iske By Aalia Hira

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Dil Ki Dehleez Pe By Syeda Gul Bano

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Ghulab Rutoon Ke Azab Lamhay By Misbah Nosheen

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Jinnati Duniya by Mazhar Kaleem

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Deewane Do By Mariam Sajid

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Aye Shab-e-Zindagi By Rukhsana Nigar Adnan

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Khoofnaak Mansooba By Ibn-e-Safi

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Leonard Ki Wapsi By Ibn-e-Safi

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